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Il frutteto del Monte


For those looking for a special agriturismo vacation

    The park is still in preparation, because many of his 2.500 fruit trees have begun to produce in 2002.  However the passion, the work and the investments already sustained by 3 or 4 years give us much enthusiasm to start this activity.  The principle aspect, which is to make it possible to sample directly organically grown fruit from the trees, is unique.  It adheres to the full spirit of rural hospitality typical of these parts. During the period April - September families (one at a  time) may experience a true and unique vacation  in our new farmer's house, completed at the beginning of 1990 of which  we show the following sights:   

photo of the new farmer's house where the tourist will be entertained

casa nuova da basso.jpg (67220 byte) casa nuova.jpg (128316 byte) casa vista da est.jpg (53845 byte) 

    We make for our honored clientele this superior plan available.  A suite, intended  to eventually entertain a family of 4 - 5 people. In fact the places aready available are for 2 in a matrimonial room with inside bath,  2 more  in a matrimonial couch, and eventually two small beds willl be added in the large games room, of which we illustrate some views.

photo of the matrimonial bedroom

camera ospiti.jpg (7925 byte)

photo of the inside bathroom (with shower)

bagno ospiti.jpg (7068 byte)

photo of the second bath in the same plan (with tub)

bagno ovest.jpg (11512 byte)

photo of the room in which ahead there is the reading couch and aquarium

giochi.jpg (15430 byte) giochi 1.jpg (12182 byte)

    The unique plan is linked to the first floor of the farmer's house through an inside staircase that leads to the dining room, where the meals are served.

photo of the inside staircase with handrail designed by a local artist

salone da est.jpg (11449 byte)

    Our guests will be part of the family, and in the period of their stay they will do life in common with us, just as is  typical of rural hospitality.  They will perhaps be entertained like a relative or a friend visiting from  some hundred kilometers away from their homes. 

    The dining room is  90 square meters, with a big walk to the center., it has aThe furnishing is typically of a summer style, because when the farmer designed the house he had in mind that it would be a place for more than one function.  Not just a destination for agrituristica, it had to be also a house of vacation, and of daily relaxation from the agricultural jobs of every day.

    Here we show the opposite views to  the preceding photos:

photo of the dining room

salone da ovest.jpg (18312 byte)

      For our guests, from the beginning, we will propose a menů typical of the rural reception, characteristic of our parts, when all the families are gathered in the house.  This was especially truein the past, when the families were more united and more rooted in country traditions.(for the English guests we inform you that in Italy the lunch goes usually from 13:00 to 14:00, or longer).

    You will find an abundance of home cooked pasta (noodles, lasagnas, cannelloni, tortellini rigorously served to hand by  the vergara, Cordelia ( 73 years old), with our own delicious sauces,  home prepared meats,  roasted and fried at the house, home made desserts, organic fruit of the park,  and fruit salads and varied jams made with the farm fruit. Wine will be the organic wine that we make at the farm, and there will also be  obviously an abundant breakfast in the morning, type rustic casereccio, not the typical breakfast from a cafe, or from a hotel; it will be a breakfast served to table, in which you won't miss the sweets, (ciambellone and  fruit tart of the house, a variety of jams (home-made), and you won't even miss the classic scrambled egg to greet both children and parents. In conclusion we look for the passionate agriturismo vacationer, in need of quiet and a healthy life, prepared to disconnect the plug from the daily paper for a certain period to relax and immerse in our fresh and organic products and our kitchen casereccia.   The park has both indoor and outdoor attractions to fill your day.

    For the English tourists we inform you that from Falconara Marittima Airport, ( 10 kilometers from us) there is a daily flight from Ancona - London at discount prices.

    Near the airport there is car rental, but we are happy  to receive our guests at the airport.

    The purely promotional price for this vacation for the agriturismo tourist is

40 €s a day to person,

    comprehensive of everything.  In the spirit of  ancient hospitality to the rural farmer, it will be up to you whether to repay us, besides the price.  We hope for your satisfaction, while we pursue our final project.

    Since the places are limited we look for really interested customers to this type of vacation; he/she is asked therefore to view the site completely, before contacting us for a booking.

We inform that all the forms of receptiveness in rooms or apartments are postponed to the completion of the restructuring of our ancient agricultural house, we hope for next year.

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