Today in 2007 we define our park agrituristico a living environmental naturalistic museum type Anglo-Saxon, situated to the center of the run agrituristico AGRICOM TRIPONZIO ESINO and to that museale represented by the historical crusher of Mounte San Vito, and from the museums on the Mezzadria of the neighbor I will Die Of dawn and Senigallia.
    Also our park is a museum on the mezzadria that perfectly amalgamates with the others two just quoted, and also the historical crusher of Mounte San Vito perfectly conjugates him with the important cultivation of oil here you existing. Of the mezzadria existed in the thin territory to as soon as about fifty years ago, that finds his/her roots in the Pontifical State of which Her Brands you/he/she has been important territory of border, and in Senigallia with the Pious Pope IX, and with his/her ownerships still existing calls "Good deed" you/he/she has found the maximum expression.

    Of the mezzadria we want to propose one of the few positive aspects that you/he/she has produced. The contract of mezzadria was a typical contract of in force job in our juridical arrangement up to the beginnings of the years 80, in the facts stopped a few years before, according to which the whole production of the fund, as also the costs to get you/he/she was divided her/it between the ownership and the sharecropper grower of the fund. The sharecropper was naturally brought to hide the production of the fund to the owner, but there was an aspect of this attitude that was born, that was more or less the cultivation in mute of so many varieties of fruit, whose production rarely and in marginal quota you/he/she was divided with the ownership, and that you/he/she went to enrich the lunch table and the diet of the sharecropper for big part of the year. The sharecropper was invented a sort of naturalistic botanical clock in his/her fund that furnished him the fruit in continuous way for 8 months the year. We have referred this in our park, also in measure more widened, because instead of one tree at a time that reaches maturation, from they come us of it an about ten.

    As the sharecropper of once also we cultivate the wild trees. Fifty years ago the reality vivaistica was very a lot of behind, and the sharecropper when mowing the grass or ploughing was found of forehead to a wild (one "streppo") tree it provisionally put him/it aside in an impromptu vase, it made him/it live up to the following spring for then to plant him/it long the "seams", the rows of grapevines in which the fruit trees also had the function of poles of support. We do approximately also this way. Beside the area camping we have realized a real cultivation of wild trees, that I/you/they culturally are important, because they absolutely produce unknown wild fruits, but then as the sharecropper since that time it happens us to find the variety of good and rare fruit, that we go to graft to spring in ours "streppi" One productive gimmick of ours already, that matures to half July it is the "plum tree I fish"; it is a variety of round plum tree as a blek, but with the hair as an I fish hairy. We taken by the passion of this fertile representation, have then espaso the kind assortment and variety coming from different angles of the planet that integrate and they complete the temporal sequence of the maturations.

    it is a living museum, because it has for object the vegetable life, the most present on the earth, even if less perfect, and the base of the other ones sleeps of life, that animal and that human of which it is the essential maintenance. Our park has built to its inside. an unique ecosystem entirely to the world, From us bio native fertile differences of all the parts of the planet cohabit combined to our trees typical of the territory of which some millennial ones (some our oil you)
    it is a museum type Anglo-Saxon, because it actively involves the visitor. In the Anglo-Saxon museums in fact there are showing up that they also represent scenograficamente the treated theme, up to involve the visitor, for instance, to paint ceramics in ancient way, in the weaving of laces, tapestries or other ancient manufacturing jobs.
From us the visitor has immediately involved in our naturalistic and environmental representation with the picked auto, but also with the theoretical lessons and practices on the pruning and management of the trees constantly required us.

    The formality of visit and enjoyment of ours original museum is the Plein Air, in its more common meaning, In Italian the common scampagnata also extended for the whole day or for some days. In the history of the art French always propose us their Edmond Manet with the very famous work "breakfast on the grass"

clicca per goderti l'opera di Manet a tutto schermo

    But we have gone a lot beyond how much imagined then by the author that it is already outside the maximum one of the imaginable one in theme of tourism.
Our visitors find 7 hectares of perennial lawn planted with trees with fruit trees of which you/they will always find of of it mature, a lawn prepared to panoramic balcony on the valley of 1500 mqs, always dry and ventilated, and deprived of bright pollution with the possibility to observe the nighttime celestial time in his totality, overhung from another balcony realized in cement on whose flooring has reproduced the ancient threshing floor mezzadrile but to whose inside we have put back two swimming pools.
Our favorite visitors are his/her children, because I am theirs that primarily needs this elementary culture on the vegetable life. Culture that unfortunately their parents have lost also and also the grandparents. In fact the abandonment of the countries of our territories from the agriculturists has constantly happened from about fifty years.

    This our "Plein air", or scampagnata or camping from us imagined and realized you/he/she has been winning from the maximum publishing authority in theme of Plein Air, note the homonym magazine that is the most diffused among the Italian camperistis, with 115 points of quality in the guide 2006, that it represents the second maximum score attributed in Italy.   

The building works of our project are not concluded yet, they still miss those anticipated for the receptiveness in rooms or apartments but the future consumers of that service for us they won't be different from those actual that arrive with the camper, they will be always of the lovers of the plein air with a different way to spend the night.

The formation

    The formation and the information you/he/she has assumed a remarkable aspect of our activity; for the ignorance of the subject above described. for the way from us chosen for representing her/it to the public, and for the part ludica and rievocativa that we have inserted you. For such activity we have invented the agribus, a tractor of appreciated 1960 historical value with an attached wagon with which we conduct the visitors in the park showing our fertile vegetation in every moment of the year, and making to practise the autoraccolta of the mature biological fruit. For this today we are one affirmed didactic farm with a tested super program and appreciated by the elementary and maternal docenza.
Our formative activity is also picking up the interest of people of every kind, for that ignorance of the subject above described, and for the contemporary return to the nature and the love for the vegetable life even to level of company. There are people that not could hold pets for reasons for space they are surrounded of plants of apartment, then they try to acquire knowledges on their optimal management.
Our express course of pruning is the second more page visited of the site after that on the flowering of the fruit trees. We are open to offer courses of pruning personalized free, holding compensates us some fact that the students that learn pruning, in the meantime also with our assistance, however they prune.

We continue with satisfaction for this road.


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