some data of park

    Total extension of the park: It has 7.05.66, of which:

- It has 1 comprendentis around 400 fruit trees sorted, distributed for the two bystanders in an only piece of ground of ground, while for! /3 have been started forming some avenues among oil you, that you/they conduct to the hedge of fruit of wood to him, and to the ditch Malviano, that licks up the ownership for around 600 meters and in which flows always the water.

- It has 0,16 (m. 800 xes 2) comprendente the hedge of fruit of wood, made of blackberries, currant, raspberries and grape thorns, in around 15 different varieties

- It has 4,5 comprendentis around 1100 oil you

- It has 0,7 comprendentes the artificial little pond

- It has 0,8 farmer's houses, court and platforms of standstill for camper and parking lot auto

- Over 50 cultivated arboreal varieties, of which 20, certified recently plant by European passport.

- Quadrature of the trees: part 6 meters x 5 and part 7 meters x 6; those along the avenues are to 6/7 meters the one from the other, the width of the avenues it is of ten around meters and their development it is of around 1.500 meters.

The park is still in preparation, but the visits are equally pleasant

The park is municipal according to the laws

of the agriculture organic Disposition

and the certification is entrusted to

nd it is in partnership A.M.A.B.

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clean, that is the aerial photo of the park in May 2002

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Claudio Brandoni

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