A great park full of avenues with fruit trees and trimmed lawns in which you can be gone to make the expense as in an enormous commercial center to the open one, everything self service, whose stendses are the same fruit trees that their ready biological fruits to course of hand expose to be picked and eaten


    Absolute novelty is this possibility to spend some times, (in the weekend, Sunday afternoon etc.) inside the park, with their children, in all calm, going among the fruit trees provided of the practical baskets furnished by the park, and picking up the mature fruit for the following domestic consumption, and also eating her/it, because the picked fruit and hearty meal it is unique. naturally the fruit that he is directly eaten in the tree is free of the Firm.

     It is possible to visit the park and to free enjoy of all the described attractions and iconizzate in the preceding page.

    The fruit picked up by the visitors will be sold them to the current prices of market, with in anymore the guarantee of freshness and safety to personally have her/it harvest, as well as the safety given by the biological certification according to disciplinary AMAB. (disciplinary that imposes the biological certification to the firm on the whole production unlike others that allow only also the certification of some products)

photo of the basket in his three versions (basket, cassettina and closed) and of the baskets to lose for fruit of wood and strawberries that the visitors can bring away.

cestini.JPG (15596 byte) cestini1.JPG (16002 byte) cestini fragole.JPG (15603 byte)

photo of the exhibitor of the baskets made for the harvest available for really account of the fruit that the visitors will find to their arrival in the park.

espositore cestini.JPG (18385 byte)

    Besides in the park it will be possible to acquire biological oil (as soon as his will be productive around 1000 new olives) and varied jams and jams produced with his/her own biological fruit.

"The stone discarded by the builders heading of angle has become"

(from the Sacred Gospel)

or the fruit refused by the commercial distribution, because too much mature, therefore perishable, in the park it can be tasted and acquired to the apex of his taste.

    Cherries heated by the sun after the rain, with those thin small cracks that the sun in few times it will open completely up to the core, leaning fig trees from the tree, mature that are about to fall, with their visible pulp from the outside, that the sun directly heats, or you fish, apricot tree, plum trees, already mature, or also too much mature on the trees, only that is native or alive in the country you/he/she can know. Such fruits can never arrive in the benches of the shops, because they would not be maintained, yet they are certainly the best, that you can find in the park, to directly taste in the tree and to prefer in your acquisitions to taste together with Your relatives in day or the following day.

    This service we have wanted to call him "it reimburses her on the threshing floor" in memory of a place symbol of the ancient country civilization, in which the threshing of the wheat happened, and in which the business products, place that the park were proudly negotiated still preserve.

Our tarts

crostate.JPG (15308 byte) 

    In the whole year they are available the jams realized with the fruit of season, you also destine besides the sale to our pleasant visitors and soggiornanti for to realize tarts that you/they are served to how much they come for scampagnate and acquisitions together with of our business white wine, the everything to the insignia of the ancient country hospitality

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