photographic synthesis of the park
parco agosto 05
A splendid view of the whole park from the opposite slope
agri pleinair agosto 08le piscine

last done updating 18/01/09

Let's have the new oil and a complete assortment of jams of the fruit had for the whole current year, comprehensive of the our known paté of olives!  We are the inventors of the virtual vegetation an art, a game, a furnishings for all the houses and the offices. Come to find us with Your children!
Original mark of the tourist sour park IL FRUTTETO DEL MONTE

English version


Il frutteto del Monte

(the orchard of the mountain)

where forbidden fruits there are not!



    to break the customs, to breathe, to admire, to walk, to race, to run after, to jump, to play, to look, to touch, to palpate, to choose, to gather, to eat, to drink, to taste, to buy, to rest, to listen, to communicate, to sojourn, to rest himself/herself/themselves, to relax himself/herself/themselves, to oxygenate him, to be regenerated himself/herself/themselves, to recreate himself/herself/themselves, to learn, to understand, to teach, to form, to remember, to return to the origins.........



where will find the good nature to eat!

come to enjoy the country directly eating the fruit in the trees to wish!!!!

The park is municipal according to the laws

of the agriculture biological Disposition

and the certification is entrusted to


nd it is in partnership A.M.A.B.

optimized for p. c. performances give limited, connections telephone lens and for

Claudio Brandoni

all rights reserved

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