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    For our swimming pools we have thought particularly to his/her children, to which the park is particularly devoted, and also to their mothers!. In fact we have realized a swimming pool for 3 meters children x 4 with the water tall 60 centimeters,

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    and for the adults we have thought to a particularly calm swimming pool, from 8 meters x 5 with 130 cms of water, therefore calm also for the one who he/she doesn't know how to swim, where the dives are forbidden, annoying for the one who wants to enjoy himself/herself/themselves the swimming pool in full relax, and we have chosen the model with the session for idromassaggio; (the arcs of head, are one the scaletta of entry and one the session for idromassaggio to 12 nozzles)

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    For our kind desirous guests of a beautiful bronzing, we have made another invention of ours, realizing a surface of 50 mqs of white gravel washed of river, a solarium all natural that the direct rays of the sun reflect captured by an optimal position on the skin of our guests. If the tintarella is not picked them up, he/she is not picked her/it up from any other part.

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    While for the shades, from us they don't serve the ombrellonis, because in the edge swimming pool during the day they turn the fresh shades of these heavens and this maritime pine

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    For the external furnishing of the edge swimming pools there are endowed with true boxes from beach, wanting to make to try to our guests the impression to be to the sea, but with a lot of more calms and without the mucilages.

cabine spiaggia.JPG (14361 byte)

    For the flooring around the swimming pools, we have reproduced nothing few less that the threshing floor with the old bricks, done once to hand of, recovered by the demolitions performed on the house in restructuring, and staid as it was used for the threshing floor of once. Since the threshing floor of once after having maintained his function typical of place of harvest and desiccation of the seeds, with the advent of the mietitrebbies you/he/she has definitely stopped his function, we have called her with special artistic poster "threshing floor of the third millennium" individualizing this new evocative purpose to frame the swimming pools agrituristiche in the rural realities hoping for to be imitated.

flooring of the new threshing floor of the third millennium

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flooring of the secular threshing floor business going lost during the jobs of restauration of the farmer's house

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