Our ristorazione in plein air

    To speak of ristorazione and of plein air together could seem a paradox. Already the plein air or scampagnata that dir is wanted it allows to imagine lunches family autos familiarly managed of the type as the great French painter Edmond Manet it imagined them

clicca per goderti l'opera di Manet a tutto schermo
Eduard Manet, breakfast on the grass

    But us in the twenty-first century, intents to create outside a tourism to the mottos of the imaginable one, propose him/it in two ways as following described.

plein pure air

     We have this magnificent lawn, also in zones shaded near, it is possible to enjoy him/it to him to the way of the artist preparing himself/herself/itself the lunches from pure campers completed by our leaning fruit by the trees, near some meter.

plein air "ladylike"

    For how much they inhale outside to a vacation more vacation, a vacation more rested, makes the area available shaded here under illustrated, inserted in a magnificent panorama, chairs and tables how much they are enough,

le piscine 

    An oven - firewood barbecue of last generation (with room of ventilated cooking and isolated by the smokes and by the oxides of the combustion), where pastas are habitually cooked to the oven of various types, roast and grigliate, good vegetables and tomatoes of the park gratinati, etc..

forno a legna.JPG (17187 byte) barbecue.JPG (18867 byte)

     From us the lunch auto managed, comfortably served, composed from first assorted, roast and assorted grigliate of meat, vegetables and vegetables, various sweets of fruit and ice creams or fruit salads, inclusive of local wine and water it costs 12,50 Euro.

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