come to discover difference among the picked fruit and directly eaten in the tree and that gone out of the refrigerators of the commercial distribution!



 in the park a  has come 

  natural maturation


typical it Radiates Of Monte San Vito preserved under

photo of olive Radiates of Monte San Vito preserved under brine

    Here here the typical olive that induces to already eat her from I screen him. it is the contour ready for the whole year, excellent for the meats, for the salads, with addition of oil of olive or without, excellent also for contours of fish, for instance the orates with potatoes and olive it Radiates of Monte San Vito.

 The paté of olive Radiates of Monte San Vito white and black

    With our organic olive we succeed in also doing a dainty paté.
Our recipe is very simple and natural, because we use an only ingredient, our healthy olive Radiates of Monte San Vito, pitted, passed in frying pan, as it is done for the traditional olive cooked in frying pan, accompanied by a veil of his appreciated oil; then we beat, we possess and we make to boil in water as for all our other jams; so we maintain the same taste of the cooked olive in frying pan to taste in any moment of the year; our paté is delicious above the bread as sauce in the roast ones etc.; it is one delicacy of ours as the jams, the other jams, our sweets, that we offer with pleasure in tasting to all of our pleasant guests that come to enjoy of the so many services of the park.

Here under we propose two photos in which we show the simplicity with which we manufacture the paté, but this is also worth for all the other jams, done everything to hand, everything constantly under control, tasting and verifying every small game of product.

pate (2).JPG (20280 byte) pate.JPG (18518 byte)
filling of the vases with paté of black olives paté of olives smeared on the bread

our oil extravergine from certified organic agriculture

    Obviously the product prince of our olive, the oil remains; we produce a discreet quantity of it, having around 1080 trees of olives, of which 70% are of ours appreciated local variety "it Raggia of Monte San Vito", in the remaining part further to a discreet quantity of Crusher and Leccino, we also have some plants of Rosciola, Charcoal, Sarganella and other Cafeteria varieties what the Ascolana, San Francesco and the Nocellara.

    As for our oil from certified biological agriculture I.M.C., that do near a crusher of our trust, avant-garde in the technological innovation of the fittings and the relative hygiene, we skip the description of it. It is necessary to try it.

    The test more soldier and severe, to which an oil of olive can be submitted, it is that to taste him/it raw above a slice of bread, as if it were a sandwich. If it is a savory sandwich, that induces to take back he/she anchors of it, it means that the oil of olive is good and has all the chemical parameters, biological and organolettici in order; it is one custom of ours to offer in any season to our customers and guests, bread and oil; it is very appreciated and for us it is also a great satisfaction to offer him/it to the scolaresches, within the exercise of our formative activity of "Didactic Farm ". Her children go from there crazy, so much not to be succeeded in consisting them back of cutting the bread and to smear above the oil.

    In respect to the norm gone into effect 01/11/2003 that forbids the traditional sale of the loose oil of olive, bottle him/it to us in glasses from 1 or 5 liters and seal it in presence of the customer, and always after having performed it above described tries some bread!

Our jams 

    The jams, ready from after their confezionamento, even if in the past months we have preferred to speak of the fruit biological fresh good person to also eat on the trees; In winter the park can offer its jams of fruit, done with its biological fruit of first qualities, (not as it normally happens that to the the industry of transformation always arrives there the second quality), without shade of preservatives, dyes or other chemical additives; Her jams in the park are entirely realized the fruit boiling with the addition of sugar, without the help of some car; it is manually done all in the maximum hygiene. To his/her mothers that will want him/it, we will also allow to directly manufacture them with the fruit that you/they will pick up to give to their children during the year, certain of thing they make them eat. Our jams are normally offered to their children during or their stays, scampagnate or stage related to the initiative of the region Brands on the didactic " farms ".

    To the moment we have jams of cherries, pears, apples, apples quinces, pears quinces, fig trees, plum trees fisheries, apricots, blackberries, raspberries, currant, giuggiole, and perhaps some other that escapes to us.

photo of jam of cherries

confettura marnellata.JPG (17164 byte)  

    and for this season the park can propose only some dry fruit, as

the pinolis

photo of pine, pine with pine-cones, open pine-cone and pinolo

pino marittimo.jpg (10352 byte) pino con pigne.jpg (17065 byte) pigna.jpg (14369 byte) pinoli.jpg (12672 byte)   

    The pinolis know them instead in so many, because of maritime pines our beautiful Adriatic coast is full, however almost always finding himself/herself/itself along the urban roads, for their function to purify the air, I am an assembled of atmospheric pollution.

    In the commercial distribution it is difficult to find the pinolis, it is found them in the sweets, and always in the nougats sold in the fairs and feasts paesane.

    The pinolo is also buonissimo to eat him green and in the park you/he/she can be done it in all calm, you/they can have a good time him to also pick up them his/her children, because atmospheric pollution doesn't exist.

    The park has two maritime pines, of which that in photo of about twenty years is very productive; the photos illustrate the whole cycle;

    The tree of the pine produces the pine-cone that falls to the ground in this period opened from which is extracted the pinolis constituted by a hull woody outside and an inside part that he/she is eaten green or it is used for manufacturing sweets.

Our tarts

crostate.JPG (15308 byte) 

    In the whole year they are available the jams realized with the fruit of season, you also destine besides the sale to our pleasant visitors and soggiornanti for to realize tarts that you/they are served to how much they come for scampagnate and acquisitions together with of our business white wine, the everything to the insignia of the ancient country hospitality

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